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About Gulf Andhra Events: Celebrating more than a Decade of Telugu Excellence!

Establishing a Cultural Legacy:
Since our inception in 2008, Gulf Andhra Events has stood as a pillar in the Telugu-speaking community in the UAE, dedicated to preserving, promoting, and perpetuating Telugu Culture, Literature, and Tradition. Our journey has been defined by a commitment to enriching the cultural landscape among the Telugu-speaking diaspora.

Pioneering Large-Scale Events:
Gulf Andhra Events has been at the forefront of organizing remarkable large-scale events, weaving together the vibrant tapestry of Telugu culture. Events such as Stars Cricket, Nacho Nachore Ramba, Dilse Dubai, KevvuKeka, TEAM 2014, and the cultural gatherings at Mytri Farm, Ajman, have been a testament to our dedication to community celebration.

GAMA Awards:
An extraordinary chapter in our journey is the GAMA Awards—a groundbreaking event that has left an indelible mark on the Telugu Film industry. Conducted for three consecutive years (2013, 2014, and 2015) in Dubai, GAMA is the first-of-its-kind Awards Ceremony organized outside India, recognizing and felicitating the Best Tollywood Musicians.

Red-Carpet Grandeur:
GAMA Awards offers a unique red-carpet welcome to Tollywood Stars and Celebrities, creating a glamorous spectacle. With an anticipated presence of around 80-90 celebrities and an audience of 8000, GAMA (TM) has become synonymous with glitz, glamour, and star-studded elegance.

Celebrating Excellence and Legacy:
In our journey, we’ve had the privilege of honoring distinguished personalities with Lifetime Achievement Awards. Icons such as Sri Bapu Garu (2013), Sri K. Viswanath Garu (2014), and Sri Krishnam Raju Garu (2015) have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to Telugu cinema.

Bahubali’s Triumph in GAMA 2015:
Adding to our legacy, GAMA 2015 witnessed India’s Biggest Movie, Bahubali, receiving the Movie of the Decade award. The presence of Bahubali himself, Prabhas, along with Rana Daggubati, Tamanna, and the Bahubali Producers, made it a momentous occasion.

At Gulf Andhra Events, we cherish the honor of being a cultural curator, connecting the Telugu community with its roots and creating memories that resonate for a lifetime. Join us on this journey of cultural enrichment, where every event is a celebration of Telugu excellence.

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